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Vegetronix Lista de Clientes


Are you curious about who is using Vegetronix soil moisture sensor probes, SDI-12 Translators, and data loggers? 

Here's a partial list of companies, universities, and government agencies using our products throughout the world.  If you look closely you may find the name of your competitors. 

  • Anadolu University, Turkey

  • Arch Rock Corp

  • Autogrow Systems Ltd, New Zealand

  • Battell, Richland

  • Bibaja Landscape Automation

  • Purdue University

  • University of Florida

  • Clemson University

  • Conlab Pty Ltd, Australia 

  • Control Concepts Inc,

  • Decagon Devices, Inc. 

  • Delta-T Devices, Ltd, United Kingdom

  • EcoTech, Germany

  • Embedded Data Systems

  • Environmental Systems and Services, Australia

  • G.A.S Technologies

  • Geoscanners AB

  • Green Sententia

  • Growtronix

  • Heron Instruments Inc, Canada

  • Hydrologic Technology Center, Australia

  • Indigo Systems Limited, New Zealand

  • Infonox

  • Innovative Instruments, India

  • Inovonics

  • Instruments & Systems, Australia

  • J&G Farms

  • LaGrange Instruments, Inc

  • Larry's Trees

  • NIWA, New Zealand

  • Profile Systems, LLC

  • Remote Data, Inc.

  • SMT Research Ltd.

  • Soil and Land Consultants

  • Spectrum Technologies,Inc.

  • Trident Design, LLC

  • University of Colorado

  • University of Texas at El Paso

  • US Digital Designs

  • USDA Agricultural Research Service

  • Warner Tech Solutions

  • Wireless Applications Corporation

  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute


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